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Sabbath Project

Please note that the Sabbath Project is under construction.  But, you may find many useful items for research or edification.  I have attempted, with help from friends, to make available to you old, often forgotten articles on the subject of the Sabbath and topics that may be directly or indirectly related to the Sabbath.  Please roll your cursor over Sabbath Projects and a submenu will be highlighted.  In each sub file will be located articles for your enjoyment and use.  Each file will be found in either .pdf or .pub format.  You may download them and use them as you need.  Please remember that this project is very labor intensive and requires paid staff, equipment, researchers, IT help to make it come to fruition.  We are completely dependent on you, the users, for donations to help with The Sabbath Project.  If you like what you find, please support this work with a donation.  All checks made payable to Biblical Lifestyle Seminars.  See Contact Us for contact information.  Thank you and God bless you.  MS   
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